Who We Are

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Backline Business Consulting works with small business owners in any field—including but by no means limited to:

  • Music and entertainment

  • Video and film production

  • Photography and visual arts

  • Graphic design, illustration, and printing

  • Stage and lighting design

  • Event production

  • Retail, restaurants, bars, hospitality design and management

  • Recruiting and staffing services

  • Interior design and architecture

  • Gallery and museum management

Our most rewarding accomplishments are when our expertise partners with yours to help what you've created work better.

Backline is all about figuring out how to forge tactical step-by-step paths to bring ideas into reality.  We specialize in providing operations advising, coaching and implementation to entrepreneurs in creative industries—we focus on the business of their business so they can be driven by their passions.


Jen Martensen, Founder

My path has been bizarre. I have worked for companies of literally every size.

My career started in entertainment journalism. I've managed a legendary New York recording studio, worked for a major record label, have been a partner in my own independent record label, and have been a producer/project manager/vendor manager for digital marketing agencies through the entire lifetime of the internet age.

A leader and connector with a penchant for management, process, and improving efficiency, I often say I'm a business model nerd—I can't help but think about the financial, people, timing and legal or intellectual property considerations involved in any business situation.

I’m a diligent and resourceful problem solver. I am really good with money. I'm not afraid of technology. 

I consider myself genuinely lucky that I am both creative and business-minded. I truly do use both sides of my brain and have a great deal of unique professional experience that allows me to empathize with and understand my artist clients.

People are a source of endless fascination and inspiration; I have a natural intuition for making social and professional introductions and take pride in my capabilities for collaborating and communicating with a wide range of personalities, roles, and titles. I am excited about helping future clients and partners of Backline.

It's likely I'm the most organized person you'll ever meet. So let's meet.