How We Work with You


The art and science of our engagement process has three stages.

Stage 1—Meet & Greet

We’ll set up an uninterrupted window of up to two hours on the phone or in person—which is free—for an introductory conversation to explore opportunities.

We'll talk about the nature of your business and will ask and answer many questions, to determine if there's a good fit.

Stage 2Needs Assessment

This is a deep discovery dive into the area(s) identified as the highest priority during the Meet & Greet (Business Structure & Function, Projects & Clients, People, Finances), to craft a clear perspective on your current state, and highlight gaps and needs.

You will receive a summary report of findings and  recommended manageable, tactical plans to address the top priority issues and make your business a more efficient, happier place.

    Stage 3—Implementation

    There are a variety of ways to implement the recommendations,
    depending on your capabilities, staff, and budget.

    Your solution may involve one or more of these approaches:

    1. DIY
      Move forward on your own, with your current team.
      We'll clarify roles, responsibilities, tasks and expectations, and set up regular intervals for Backline to check in on your progress and serve as a mentor.
    2. Outsource
      Engage Backline to find you the right outside partners, or we can collaborate with you to hire employees or contractors to deliver the needed talents and services that Backline doesn't offer.
    3. Backline
      You can retain Backline to directly provide services within, but not limited to, these areas of expertise:

    • Project management and client communication
    • Resource planning
    • Process development and implementation
    • Client contract and project agreement templates—creation and execution
    • Job description drafting and editing
    • Digital tool research, setup or optimization
    • Company performance analysis, project and financial reporting
    • Schedule planning and management

    Retaining Backline

    Working with clients under a retainer engagement is preferred.
    We have found that dedicating 10 hours/month is a realistic minimum.
    Larger retainers are certainly negotiable. 

    Our shortest retainer runs for 3 months.
    Committing to a 6-month or 12-month retainer reduces the hourly rate.

    Ad-hoc projects can be scoped on a case-by-case basis under a fixed-fee or time & materials structure.