Backline Business Consulting

helps entrepreneurs and small companies
focus on what you do best,
while we focus on

how you can work efficiently,
earn well,
spend wisely,
protect your value,
find the best partners,
and grow at the right pace.



We are a consulting team to help you not throw away your shot.

In live music, a backline is the amplification equipment, instruments, and on-stage needs of a band for a performance. Backline techs are responsible for setting up, maintaining, and keeping things running smoothly while the band is playing.

Think of us as a backline and techs for the business of your small business. Plug into our expertise to amplify your potential for effective performance.


We have your back.

All businesses are unique, and yet
have essential components:
cash flow, products, services,
marketing, legal, personnel, process.

If you are curating a career for yourself
instead of climbing the corporate ladder,
your passion likely doesn't lie in handling the
fundamental nuts and bolts of business.

Ours does—for entrepreneurs like you.

We are gleefully nerdy. 

We revere every kind of creative person and pursuit, and we get fired up about processes, contracts, numbers, and connecting people with the right partners. Our strongest talents lie in organizing, negotiating and managing in the background so our clients can shine in their spotlight. 

Your time is valuable, and you can't do it all on your own. You have goals to achieve but may need more people or different talents to do so. Know yourself—delegate things you don't do well to others who do.

"I trust your diligence and attention to detail
and understanding of our business needs."

— Curtis Gilbert, Executive Producer/Owner - p3 mediaworks