Service Offerings

Our focus can assess and address your needs in these areas. 

    Business Structure & Function

    Incorporation Setup
    We can clarify which route to take—LLC or S Corp—and how to go about it.

    Are you covered by the right kinds and amounts?

    Whether you're a startup or celebrating your 10th anniversary, we can devise clear, efficient and scalable ways to operate and make well-informed decisions. 

    Technology is your friend, and we can advise on modern tools, automation, and setting up the best information ecosystem for your businesses.

    Growth Strategy
    Everyone’s picture of success is their own masterpiece. Backline can help you:

    • Define your goals and craft a plan for how to prioritize and achieve them in the short and long term
    • Figure out how you can be more efficient and profitable 

    Projects & Clients

    We can set you up for success with schedules, estimates, budgets, and resource forecasts, then manage reality against them.

    Are you operating on verbal and handshake deals? DON'T. Even the smallest business can be liable.

    We can create personalized but standardized digital document templates that outline terms to protect you on several levels, are easy to execute, and deliver a professional impression.

    We can also review and translate contracts and agreements from legalese for you, and discuss business aspects of terms and conditions to inform your negotiations.

    On an ad-hoc basis we can help produce new business proposals, responses to RFPs, or draft grant applications.



    Do you have who you need working for you, and are they set up correctly: W2 or 1099 Contractor?

    Roles & Responsibilities
    Org charts and job titles are SO corporate. Small businesses can be flexible and nimble with less chaos and frustration when it's clear who does what, where to escalate, and which roles to hire or outsource.

    Strategic Partners
    Even if you’re aiming for a solo career, you can’t go it entirely alone. We can help you find the right external teams for:

    • Legal representation and advice
    • Bookkeeping and/or accounting
    • HR and recruiting
    • PR, marketing, and social media
    • Content creators (photographers, designers, writers)
    • Event planners
    • IT and technology support
    • Administrative staff and office management
    • Insurance brokers


    Financial Management
    It is all about the Benjamins.

    • Do you have a budget? How are you progressing against it?
    • Are you charging competitive prices?
    • Are you getting the best prices for your materials and vendor services?
    • Are you estimating projects accurately?
    • What margins are you making, and could they be better?
    • Are you using the right financial models (retainer, fixed fee, time and materials)?
    • Can your invoicing and receivables timing be changed to improve your cash flow?
    • Are you doing too many favors and giving away free work?

    Performance Analysis & Reporting
    Referencing your history is the best way to get a handle on your present and plan your future.
    We can create a variety of reports to assess performance, identify and mitigate risks, measure progress, and slate periodic reviews to optimize what comes next.

    Sorry, we cannot help you book band gigs, but we will go to your shows!